Production Stills

It’s nap time for the charmer of the group, Donnie. He’s known as the most
handsome male.

Lola and Mary-Rose are loving sisters. Lola has
a lot of patience and let’s Mary-Rose
occasionally climb all over her.

Baby Wilber is right where he wants to be, resting comfortably on his
Mom’s chest near his favorite food source.

Family time in the yard! Susie spends quality time with her two favorite
girls, little Mary-Rose and big sister Lola.

A very tired mother, Ana-Neema cradles her newborn baby boy, Wilber
as he holds onto his Mom while they sleep.

Lola, who loves to pose for the camera, is ready for an afternoon nap.
She’s also very curious and sweet-natured.

Susie and her daughter Mary-Rose share a moment bonding. Susie is a
wonderful Mom and always watches over her kids.

Maiko is known as the “loner” of the group. Here
he enjoys an organic carrot in private
while enjoying summertime.

Here is Susie and her daughter Mary-Rose. A mother-daughter bond is
very special. Susie’s wisdom is all in her eyes.

Through the mist, Irene focuses her camera on the bonobo family she
got to know so well.

Filming took place over many months and through a range of weather
conditions. Here Irene shows that not even the coldest
weather prevented her from filming.

Irene demonstrates her creativity and exhibits how she got some of
those unique camera angles.